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About Burly Press

Burly Press is a new art and comic company dedicated to illustrations and stories including, but not limited to, gay characters and themes.

Jer Bear

About Jeremy Owen

Jeremy currently lives in Depoe Bay, OR. In addition to Illustration and writing, He is also an actor and works various behind the scenes jobs in film. He has been drawing for most of his life, and was encouraged by friends to publish some of his work... thus Burly Press was born.

Links to his personal and acting stuffs can be found in the links below:

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | IMDB | Reel/Demo

About Greg Freeland II

Greg is an illustrator and writer currently living near Denver, CO. He has worked in art, graphic design, and art direction in various capacities for the last 15 years, and did a stint teaching at RMCAD in Denver. Greg is an avid comic collector and reader, and excels at making sure Jeremy's ideas don't suck.

Links to his personal pages can be found in the links below:

Homepage | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Tumblr

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