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Bludgeon #2 Reviews

Bludgeon #1 Reviews

Bludgeon #0 Reviews

Bludgeon Pinups

Bludgeon pinup by Andrew Mark

Bludgeon pinup by Andrew Mark

Bludgeon pinup by Greg Freeland II

Zotl pinup by A. N. Cargo

Bludgeon pinup by Ed Luce

Bludgeon pinup by mattbrossard


BLUDGEON Is brand new superhero comic series from Burly Press. It follows the story of the hero Bludgeon (aka Michael MacKay) on his journey to discover the secrets of his powers, as well as his journey to discover who he is as a person... recently on his own and recently out as a gay man. The series will feature a heavy horror element with the sci-fi superhero aspect of the book, as well as spend time on Mike as a person figuring out who he is as a person in his new life.

Desktop Wallpapers (1920 x 1200)

Bludgeon 0 Wallpaper   Bludgeon 1 Wallpaper
Bludgeon #2 Cover

Issue #2

Picking up right where issue #1 left off, Mike finds himself at a local gay bar, The Taclke Box, with Alice and some new friends. But the night is cut drastically short when Mike falls under a mysterious force.

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Bludgeon #2 Special Edition   Bludgeon #2 Special Edition Bundle   Bludgeon #2 - Page 07
Bludgeon #2 - Page 08   Bludgeon #2 - Page 09   Bludgeon #2 - Page 10

Bludgeon #1 Cover

Issue #1

Mike continues his search for his origin and finally finds something... something with sharp teeth and too many hands.

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Bludgeon #1 - Page 03   Bludgeon #1 - Page 04   Bludgeon #1 - Page 05
Bludgeon #1 - Page 06   Bludgeon #1 - Page 20   Bludgeon #1 - Page 21

Bludgeon #0 Cover

Issue #0

This issue follows Mike as he is arriving in Albuquerque. He stumbles upon a coffee shop called "Burial Grounds", in which he meets a very over-enthusiastic barista by the name of Alice. After which, he gets ready to start his investigations. It offers an inroduction to the character, as well as hints at bits and peices of the world and story to come.

  • Writer & artist: Jeremy Owen,
  • Editor & story collab.: Greg Freeland II
  • Featuring pinup art by Andrew Mark

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Bludgeon #0 - Page 14   Bludgeon #0 - Page 15   Bludgeon #0 - Page 16
Bludgeon #0 - Page 19   Bludgeon #0 - Page 20   Bludgeon #0 - Page 22
2001 Bludgeon

BLUDGEON is an idea that started back while I was in college. The image to the left was drawn back in 2001. My friend and editor, Greg Freeland, had assembled all of his friends from high school into a group called "The Hooligans" (hence the H on the costume) which consisted of superhero alteregos of themselves. When we met in college I followed suit and Bludgeon was born.

Since figuring myself out as a gay man, and finding the bear community, I have always wanted to see a gay bear superhero comic. So, I started revisiting the character in my head... as a solo character learning to live life alone (no longer part of a tema) and learning things about himself as a man who's recently figured himself out.

The series will spend as much time on him as a hero and the sci-fi/horror aspects of the book, as it will on him as a man living his new life.

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