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Burly #1 Reviews

BURLY - Beefy Punips With A Geeky Twist

Burly #2 Cover


The second installment in this beefy, cheesecakey pinup zene series. This one is full of the same big, burly men but instead of general geekiness, it is spiked with a horror theme. BURLY #2 pays homage to some classic horror films as well as some original subjects... all big sexy men... all with a scary twist!

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Burly #2 Preview
Burly #1 Cover


BURLY Is a book of pinup drawings featuring bigger, beefy type guys... but with a layer of fan-boy love. So yes, it is sexy cheesecake, but the usual trappings of manliness and bear clichés (policeman, cowboy, construction worker, etc.) were specifically avoided. Instead there is a bit of sci-fi film, comics, and videogames, mixed in with a touch of camp, in an attempt to make it a truly original collection of art.


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Burly #1 Preview

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